My Lightroom workflow for 
before, make sure LIGHTROOM is off. I transfer all raw files in a folder with leagues name in my external HD (ie. SPORTS> 2021> {INSERT LEAGUE NAME FOLDER} )
  sd card from camera to my MPB transfer RAW files to {INSERT LEAGUE NAME FOLDER} in the external HD (soon will be looking into a NAS system)
 once you transfer all raw files to external HD eject properly sd card from computer. (make sure you have a backup just in case , once you feel comfortable then reformat your sd card)
grab all the raw files from {LEAGUE NAME FOLDER} and drag and drop over the icon LR  (this will start importing the raw files into LR)​​​​​​​
this will open the import screen of all the photos you dropped, select very briefly to the ones you don’t want imported, [ie. blacked out completely , or crooked photos that have been accidentally shot)
(leave the photos alone don’t do nothing) on your left side of the screen a column NAVIGATE, PRESET, SNAPSHOTS, HISTORY, COLLECTIONS ,click on the right a "+" symbol  to “CREATE COLLECTION” click on it and you will create the name of collection { CALL IT SPORTS} This is where you can create multiple leagues under SPORTS, for example here is one i recently done, “EPYSLS21” (each year I create a new folder with the year at the end to find quicker next time i need to find)
Photo on the right ...dont select any on the boxes yet. you re just creating collection folder name SPORTS
now click one of the photos that you have just imported (all 1000 photos should be in one section for now on the screen)  under being in the section LIBRARY . press CMD + A (select all photos)
Left column go to COLLECTIONS hover over plus symbol Click on "CREATE COLLECTION SET"​​​​​​​
When naming your league name , make sure select in the drop down menu the file called SPORTS. check mark "inside a collection set. this still hasn't transfer the photos to this league name file. thats next.
To make sure you have selected all photos press CMD + A , then press CMD + N this will create a new folder screen menu select in the drop down menu that you just created the {LEAGUE NAME FOLDER} name it (FULL SET) press enter,, and now all of your photos you have imported are now in a folder on your left  called

{LEAGUE NAME FOLDER} with a number next to it.. 1000
* in my case I created folder called EPYSLS21(league that I just recently done)

Here is a preview screenshot that I have set up 
 TOP RIGHT SIDE OF LIGHTROOM you will see “LIBRARY”  “DEVELOP” modes:  make sure you are in develop mode. In develop mode use the letter “P” for Pick ,, go thru your photos and pick through the one you like, very briefly, (remember this will take some time to make your process flow faster) once you selected a photo with the letter “P” a white flag will appear in the bottom scroll thumbnail (top left side of thumbnail)
ok , let say you’re done “picking” all the photos you like briefly . you will find above the thumbnails thin line section where you can barely see flag and 5 stars , press twice the “empty flag symbol” all the photos that you just Picked are only showing now. 
press CMD + N again create a new name  call it “PICKS “ (MAKE SURE YOU SELECT IN THE DRP DOWN MENU NAME OF THE LEAGUE NAME) . press enter , 
you will see another folder under the section {LEAGUE NAME FOLDER}
        {FULL SET    1000)     {PICKS    800}
now this is where you will begin to start editing the photos that you want to take your time .
TIP: EDIT 1-2 PHOTOS YOU LIKE in the beginning,, then select the next 10-12 together (click on the photo you like that you just finished editing hold SHIFT key with mouse select the next 10-12 photos let go of shift key and all 10-12 photos are selected) above the thumbnails “SYNC”button,,  this will sync all the photos for a faster process and all the photos are consistent , (some may have to change a bit,, adjust the exposure … to make it brighter, darker etc.
now after you have sync,, you go and look of the set of 10-12 photos and can now use the brush tool or circular tool to make face a bit brighter or body to stand out.
ok , let say you’re done “editing” all the photos you like  you will find above the thumbnails thin line section where you can barely see flag and 5 stars , press twice the “empty 5th star  symbol to the right ” all the photos that you just press #5 are only showing now.  
press CMD + N again create a new name  call it “SELECTS “ (MAKE SURE YOU SELECT IN THE DRP DOWN MENU NAME OF THE LEAGUE NAME) . press enter ,
EASY PART ,, you are almost done. now you are in the “SELECTS” here you pick out you want to copy and make them “black and white” (generate more sales)… In my opinion just do “GAME FACE HALF BODY-EYE LEVEL” , AND “GAME FACE FULL BODY GROUND LEVEL” the serious look that these kids make looks outstanding in black and white, you can do this as well with team photos , game face or smile or goofy team photo is what we like to do BNW.
select a photo you like to duplicate,, RIGHT CLICK SCROLL DOWN , “CREATE VIRTUAL COPY” . CLICK IT. Now you have a duplicate, that duplicate file in the thumbnails will have the corner kinda looks like its folded like it wants to curl up. 
On the left side your screen you will have to scroll up and view PRESETS the Black and white settings you like ( I usually pick Black and white high contrast- again that my taste, you can play and see which ones you like ) .
you may keep making duplicate by repeating the process to crop some photos you like for “horizontal” sales. press the letter “R” to bring you the crop tool. press done. and do black and white to them.
now you have finished all the editing and ready to export. You will still be in the “SELECTS FOLDER” press any of the thumbnails and press CMD + A (to select all) right click and click on export.
screen will give you where and what to export,
look at screen shot and see how it is exported for PHOTODAY. press + (add preset) so you can have this already set for future exporting,

I like to have presets made for Social media exports, Photoday exports,
   I name it “A_PHOTODAY”
                      B_SOCIAL MEDIA”
it creates a subfolder inside the where originally the raw files are stored.

This will take a while to export all 700-800n plus photo,  so go grab a drink a snack,
Once process is done, go to external HD where you keep them
   SPORTS> 2021> LEAGUE NAME FOLDER> A_PHOTODAY> All of your photos you exported in jpeg set for photoday standards.​​​​​​​
SELECT ALL THE PHOTOS  drag and drop to the job you have created in photoday .​​​​​​​
Once done , press publish ,, and sit back for those #PD100’s
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